Accessories for Evening Dresses

Picking the Right Accessories for Evening Dress

Accessorizing evening gowns is an extra step in making the perfect dress even more glorious. From handbags to jewelry, accessories can make or break the overall look of evening gowns. When choosing what items to accessorize with any type of dress, it is important to remember not to over do it. A sequined or sparkle dress will look best with jewelry that is not as glamorous as the dress. Try toning down the glam with simple silver or gold jewelry and even pearls. This will help distinguish the beauty of the jewelry from the beauty of the dress. Evening dresses that are a solid color or do not have any beading can be made to look more elaborate with diamonds or jewels. Also, remember that less is more in some cases. If you choose to wear earrings and a necklace, especially if the items are extra gaudy, it may not be necessary to add extras like bracelets, a tiara, or any overly flashy accessorizes. In most cases it will take away from the look of the evening dress.


When choosing what handbag will match great with that perfect dress, keep in mind color and size. You will want a color that matches well with your evening gown as well as being large enough to hold the essentials like lipstick and car keys, without being so cumbersome it is not comfortable to carry all night long. Silk is by far the most common material for evening handbags, but a great evening handbag can come in velvet or suede as well. As for as color, the handbag does not need to match the dress in exact color. Many colors complement each other and as long as the colors do not clash, it is perfectly suitable to mix and match handbag, dress, and even shoe colors.

Necklace and earrings

Necklace choice will have a big role to play in the complete look of your evening gowns as well. If your dress has thicker straps or a single over-the-shoulder strap a necklace would most likely be a distraction. In this case, a simple choker necklace or chain would be the most elegant choice. For strapless evening dresses a necklace would be a good choice, as long as it is not so long that it falls over the dress in any way. Keeping the necklace laying on your skin, and not the dress, will keep both the dress and the necklace visible and appreciated by the viewer. Earring choice should follow the same rules. For evening dresses that cover the neck, smaller earrings will help keep distraction at a minimum. Strapless dresses can benefit from longer more elaborate earrings that fall below the chin, or even down to the shoulders.

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