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Evening Shoes and Dress Shoes

Getting the Most out of Evening Shoes

There is one simple rule when choosing shoes to match evening dresses. If you are wearing an evening dress that is overly sequined, covered in ruffles or lace, nothing will set it off better than a pair of plain, simple shoes. For the dress that is unadorned a pair of over the top shoes will really add something special. As far as heel height goes, it should be something that is comfortable to you. Any size heel, or even ballet type shoes in some cases, will go great with any night dress and you should never sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa.

Distinguishing Evening Shoes from Dress Shoes

Not many women know that there is a difference between evening shoes and dress shoes. Evening shoes tend to be made with more luxurious material and are embellished more than dress shoes, and picking the wrong type shoe to go with evening gowns can be unbecoming to the gown. Evening Shoes are typically made of velvet, suede, or satin and will be equip with satin uppers. Shoes made from these materials will be more elegant looking and therefore match better with any evening gowns. Most shoes that have rhinestones, sequins, crystals, or pearls will fall into the category of evening shoes, while shoes that feature zippers or any substantial hardware will be categorized as dress shoes.

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